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We are running this community since Dec 2017. Firstly we, collaborated with Coding Club that's why it is named as "Coding Club: UCER" after that we have tried to reach the students of our college. Definitely the establishment required a lot of struggles. Our motive is to provide our students a platform where everyone can learn coding, discuss their problems, and all in all, enjoy the journey of learning. This platform does not require the name of any college, branch and year but it craves for true potential and passion.

This platform is a place where the students can interact with each other, learn and grow in a healthy competitive environment like in MIT, IITs, NITs, IIITs, etc.

It is our pride to inform that this community is 1st Coderdojo community of Allahabad which comes under the Raspberry Pi Foundation Ireland, Dublin and it is honored under the title Allahabad@Coderdojo.



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Get daily practice problem asked in company's interview. And prepare your self for the upcoming interview. Here we have a huge handpicked collection of websites from where you can practice. Now do not stop yourself for "which platform will be better for me??" Here we listed all websites according to you. Just select one start practice....... 

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Everything You will get here is free of cost. Now you do have to pay to learn anything.

We follow just a simple rule:

"Everyone has a right to learn to make a better future we are no one who has to right charge on it...."

Here you will get all the resources and tools related to the computer for free.


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D Block, United College of Engineering and Research, Naini, Allahabad.